2. Tourist information centres and the people who work in them

3. National parks

4. People who work in national parks

John’s great grandfather owned a property called Guntawang. It was a horse stud and still operates today as one. It is actually in Gulgong, about 25 kms from Mudgee. There is a museum in town and there is a display of the Rouse family dating back to 1823. Two Rouse brothers (21 and 16) crossed the mountains and came across Guntawang – deserted by the original owners and decided they would just claim it as their own. A popular way of extending one’s land holding back in the day I guess. They already owned Rouse Hill. It was interesting to see the family resemblance down to male line to the our boys, particularly Alex. He looks just like his great, great, great grandfather. True! I foolishly didn’t take a photo to prove it.

If I had deep pockets, I would love to buy it…..concerts on the grass in spring, friends, family, wonderful local food and wine. I can only dream. Maybe I could just claim it as my own as the young brothers did back in 1823.

Guntawang (1860)

There are some great short walks in the area – Dunn’s Swamp (a dam not a swamp) being the pick. But also beautiful was Ferntree Gully and the Drip.

5. Walking

6. Autumn salad with figs and peaches, feta and green salsa

7. Wine

8. Perry St Hotel, Mudgee

9. Pieter van Gent cottage on the vineyard

So next stop Coonamble.

10. going wherever you, whenever you like for as long as you like

4 thoughts on “Mudgee

  1. Love the hero shot with the rouseabout in stripey socks! Great post! I don’t think we got all the pics though…..


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