We were in Coonamble weeks ago….internet connection has been problematic but we will catch up, I promise. We are currently in Clermont in central Queensland and have decided that a few days on Magnetic Island is needed. So we head there tomorrow.

But, to Coonamble. You may wonder why we would go to Coonamble. John’s father managed a 52,000 acre property there called Warana. It was a cattle, sheep and wheat property that employed 35 people. It was big and productive. We found the current owner who was happy for us to have a look around. It is so dry there, depressingly so. It is just grey, no grass, no green, no gardens. It is far from what John remembers of the place. It was quite a grand property….much is now in disrepair and income is supplemented by running a carrier business – driving cattle to market. It’s a hard life. Everyone is divorced. Not that I have a problem with that – it’s just that it’s everyone. It’s a hard life.

We stayed at the local pub. The publican asked if we would like to stay for dinner. We perused the menu. A typical pub menu. We went to order and the publican told us that a few things were not available. “No problem”, we chorus. “what’s available?” we ask. “Well there’s beef, so you’ll be having the silverside”. “I’m a vegetarian”, I say. “No problem, you can have the vegetables”. It’s a hard life for the townies too.

12. A plate of roast vegetables (remember the list?)

13. A cold gin and tonic on a hot day

The jackeroos quarters, now unused
The trucks which transport cattle

14. dogs on properties

15. Not living in Coonamble

One thought on “Coonamble

  1. great to hear from you, sounds as though they really are doing it tough beyond the balck stump….have a great time on Magnetic Island. love Steve and Jane


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