To get to Narrabri, we drove through the cotton properties around Wee Waa. They are huge and have huge dams. Much water is used to irrigate these crops. In the tourist information centre, the cotton growers provide an information sheet about cotton –
Australian cotton crop is worth AUD $2 billion annually, underpinning the viability of 152 rural communities; the Australian cotton industry has earned a reputation as a reliable supplier, with fast shipping times to export destinations, and reliable delivery;
the cotton industry employs 15 times as many people as grazing and five times as many people as dryland cropping ……….it’s an impressive story. Shame they don’t mention how much water they consume compared to other crops, the fact that the cotton is milled in cheap labour countries and how much tax is actually paid in Australia. Now that would’ve been interesting. And all this cotton growing occurs in some of the driest country we have seen.

Narrabri is a NSW country town. It looks like all the other NSW country towns. The same motels, the same bowling club, the same shops, the same Chinese restaurants. Another Chinese prawn omelette for dinner against the David Dale advice of never eating seafood over the great divide. It was very tasty.

It would be reasonable to ask then why we would choose to go to Narrabri. Just outside Narrabri is the Mt Kaputar National Park. Simply stunning. Some short walks to some beautiful places and lookouts.  Abundant wildlife – kangaroos, wallabies and blue-bellied black snakes.  Can they move! No photo unfortunately.

15. Prawn omelettes (remember the list of wonderful things of the world…..I can’t remember what number I’m up to)

16. Unbelievable rock formations

17. 360 degree views that go on forever

18. Blue-bellied black snakes which are more afraid of us than we are of them.

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