Steve and Jane live on the top of a hill about 5kms out of Mullumbimby. The views are magnificent and we were lucky enough to be their guests for a few days. We had some fun times – swimming at Brunswick Heads beach, going to yoga classes, sharing dinners, walking and talking along the beach. We had dinner at the RSL where Steve is a member ($15 for a 3 year membership) but the treat of the night was it was ukulele night. A band plays. The band has a ukulele player. The audience brings their ukulele. The music and words to the songs are projected and viola! There is a chorus of ukuleles playing songs like Eleanor Rigby and A Hard Day’s Night. You can guess the age of the audience. It was a hoot. I think I need a ukulele.

26. Ukeleles and ukulele players

27 .Yoga classes

28. Towns like Mullumbimby which welcome all comers

29. Fish and chips

We had just missed the monthly Politics in the Pub the previous night. It’s been going for 2 years and the idea has now taken off in various NSW country towns. Should be more of it. And it will be no surprise to anyone that the politics is left wing. Yeehah!

We had our first bunya nut stew cooked up by Jane – very nice but a lot of hard work. Jane just collects the nuts from the side of the road.

Mullumbimby is a happening place. Byron Bay is horrible and over rated. I have never understood why people go there. But Mullum is sweet. Maybe we will go and live there for a while and hang out some more with Steve and Jane.

2 thoughts on “Mullumbimby

  1. The punters are flooding into Mullum on the strength of your latest blog – or is it because its Bluesfest? Thinking of you both and trust the travels are going well. Lots of love Steve and Jane


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