Magnetic Island

Magnetic Island is only 8kms off the coast of Townsville and it is easily reached by a regular car ferry service. It is predominantly national park, but some parts feel like little suburban precincts. Once away from those areas, it is really quite lovely. We stayed at Horseshoe Bay and it felt like Port Douglas 30 years ago. We hope it stays that way. It’s a quiet, simple time. Some lovely walks through the national parks, swimming, snorkelling, fish and chips on the beach, koalas sleeping just right there on our walks and a quiet drink on the beach at sunset. There is a WW2 fort on the island and there was a large contingent of American and Australian soldiers guarding the coastline. They never fired a shot in action, even though the guns could fire over 26 miles. Just the way all wars should be fought. I had no idea so many Americans did active service in Northern Queensland. I thought they just had fights in Brisbane on R&R.

39. Going to places you didn’t know you were going to go to

40. Still being thrilled to see koalas in the trees

41. Deserted beaches

Another deserted beach

42. Sunsets

43. A cup of tea in bed overlooking the water

44. Pineapples and pawpaw with a squeeze of lime juice

3 thoughts on “Magnetic Island

  1. Looks so relaxing there Laura, you may not want to come back to the hustle and bustle of Sydney.
    I too am a lover of pawpaw and pineapple with a squeeze if lime. 😉


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