Boodjamulla National Park

There are a few things I left off my list from my last entry…..

55. People who stop and help

56. People who stop and help and know what they are doing

57. People who stop and help, know what they are doing and are fully equipped for the outback

58. People who stop and help, know what they are doing, are fully equipped for the outback and don’t laugh about you until they get back in their car

After a very refreshing sleep, we woke to a flat tyre. So it wasn’t just the bead but a hole in the tyre. But it was OK. It was 8 am, the car was in the shade and on flat, hard ground and we knew how to get the spare off. John was onto it. He loosened the wheel nuts and then put the jack under the car and started pumping. And kept pumping and kept pumping. It was moving but not much. At this point, I decided that reading the manual may be helpful and lo and behold we found the jack that came with the car. So now we had 2 jacks! We positioned the second jack under the car, John pumping away and I turned the jack handle. Success. It was slow but it worked. I had the spare off and John had the tyre off in no time. On with the new, off with the old, tighten the nuts, put the tyre with the hole on the back of the car, repack the car and we were off. John was as proud as punch and if I’d had a medal I would have pinned it on his puffed out chest.

We had about 90 kms of gravel road to get to Adel’s Grove, our accommodation at the National Park. It was easy going and we knew there was a mechanic at Adel’s Grove. We arrived relieved and safe. The mechanic found the hole in the tyre and for the grand sum of $70 it was all fixed.

59. Mechanics in the middle of nowhere

The National Park is spectacular. Well worth the trouble and distance we had travelled. It was just all about the scenery. We canoed through the gorge and walked around it. I think I’ve been defeated by the Queenslanders in my pursuit to get people interested in politics. After numerous encounters with people who are clearly voting against their own interests, I’m almost done. The shooters, fishers and farmers and Clive Palmer have alot to answer for for undermining democracy. But back to the scenery…..

60. Waterlilies

We had a lovely 5 days there. We had our tyres checked by the mechanic before we were leaving and he found a hole in one of the tyres. One coffee and $70 later we were cleared to travel to Burketown – 90 kms of gravel and 130 kms of tarred road. What could go wrong?

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