The coast

We drove down to Cape Tribulation on the Bloomfield Track. 90 kms of dirt road through beautiful, extremely dense rainforest. Forest that Joh Bjelke Petersen wanted to bulldoze. Luckily he was stopped.

Once you are on the coast, you pretty much know what you are in for. It’s tourism, tourism, tourism. But you’ve got to stop somewhere.

Port Douglas is not like it was 30 years when I went to learn to scuba dive. Then John and I went back 20 years ago and it was still pretty small and undeveloped. That has definitely changed. But that said, we did have a lovely couple of days there. I have to say after many pub and motel country meals, it was a treat to get some wonderful food and wine.

We stopped in at Bowen after having driven through miles and miles of sugar cane. There is a 6 km wharf which is used exclusively to load sugar onto boats for export. It is an enormous industry.

And there are some lovely beaches and walks there. We tossed up whether to stay or not at a little place called Horseshoe Bay. We pushed on to Airlie Beach.

Airlie Beach and Daydream Island

Just don’t go. No more needs saying. We should have stayed in Bowen. We left looking forward to getting back into the country.

I get Queensland now. They have a sugar industry we want to tax, they have coal mining we want to stop, they have live cattle exports we want to stop, they have a drought we can’t do anything about and they have tourism which is decreasing because of the state of the reef. They feel under attack from all sides. But they take no responsibility for any of it. They do not pursue new industries because digging shit out of the ground, growing stuff and sailing people to the reef is very lucrative and takes no brains. Am I too harsh?

2 thoughts on “The coast

  1. With respect Laura, I think you’re being a bit harsh.
    What new industries would you have QLD pursue?
    Ange x


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